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Intelligent Retail Multichannel eCommerce

Retailing in the modern age is all about utilising every possible marketing and selling opportunity. The buying public are no longer satisfied with the restrictions of high street shopping and demand the choice, convenience and lower pricepoints offered by online retailers. This makes having a strong multichannel retail offering essential if retailers are to survive in the modern competitive, price-conscious marketplace.

What independent retailers really need is a stock control and eCommerce system which has the ability to trade across multiple online channels including Ebay, Amazon and eCommerce websites, allowing online shoppers to easily buy using the most convenient method. Connect from Intelligent Retail offers all of the advantages of modern multichannel selling with a system designed from the ground up for independent retailers.

eCommerce to Impress

It's common knowledge that there is a very short window of opportunity to impress those who shop online. Capturing those conversion opportunities is paramount to success with an eCommerce website, which is why as an independent retailer you need the best possible website with the widest range of features designed to point people at that all important 'basket' page.

Intelligent Retail Connect eCommerce websites have been designed to work alongside the Connect EPoS software and have been modelled on leading tier 1 retail websites, with multi-level navigation, integration into Google Tag Manager and offering beautiful designs which respond to any device used to view the website.

eCommerce Specific Marketing

Taking the decision to start up an eCommerce website for your business is not an easy one. There are now literally thousands of online retailers selling the same products online, which makes standing out from the crowd difficult. Selling online without marketing is akin to starting a high street store in the middle of a forest. Without intensive marketing, nobody is going to realise your store is there!

With many retailers relying on eCommerce websites to drive a substantial revenue stream for their business, online marketing is necessary to drive traffic and grow revenue. Intelligent Retail have a dedicated, experienced and approachable Online Marketing Team who specialise in promotion of Intelligent Retail Connect eCommerce websites.

Call for a Demonstration

To get a full demonstration of Connect EPoS and Connect eCommerce, call Intelligent Retail on 0845 680 0126 or email