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The Gifted Stationery Co - Luxury Stationery

Based in the beautiful city of Bath, the Gifted Stationery Co are known by many as one of the leading brands in the field of luxury stationery. Their products will inspire you to put pen to paper and enjoy the process, no matter what you are writing. Their high quality notepads and pens are such that, whether you are writing a to-do list for the day or noting down an exciting new idea, you will feel the pure joy of writing and the sense of organised calm and achievement that comes with it. Take a look at the full range and pick out some finely crafted sticky note folders, notecard wallets, address and birthday books and much more!


Their beautiful A5 notepads are ideal for many different modes, whether you are keeping a journal, sketching a woodland scene in front of you, writing some poetry, or making a list. The paper quality will give you a nice smooth feeling as the pen runs across the page. Plus, they are just as high quality on the outside as they are on the inside. The illustrated covers feature artistic scenes, many of which celebrate the beauty and importance of our natural world and its animal inhabitants.

Memo cubes

We really love how these items not only look superb, but they also give you an easy way to stay organised day to day. This idea is on display most clearly in the clever memo cubes. These are in the first place beautifully colourful and vibrant accessories for the office desk. But on top of that, they also contain 400 sheets of plain white paper, ready for any jottings that need to be done in the day. As well as acting as paper storage, there is also a handy little draw which can be used for your smaller items of stationery.

List paper

Daily life is also made much easier when you have a plan; and plans often are best put forward in the form of a list. This is why the beautiful shopping list sheets from The Gifted Stationery Co will be so handy to have in the kitchen. Once again illustrated with tasteful yet striking artistic embellishments around the edge of the list sheet, these products will add something aesthetically to your kitchen as well as being a highly practical item. Moreover, speaking of practicality, these list pages are held on a magnetic foundation, and so they can be placed on the fridge as easily as anything.


If you have got all your notebooks and pads but you don't have a special pen to match, then we would recommend you checking out The Gifted Stationery Co has to offer. They are, as would be expected, beautifully decorated. The swirls of floral colour should act as inspiration to let the ink flow freely, whether you are note taking or drafting a story. These pens come in sets of two and are placed in an elegant gift presentation box - ideal as a present for any budding writer or lover of premium quality pens.

The Gifted Stationery Co - A5 Notebook - Endangered The Gifted Stationery Co - A5 Notebook - Endangered
1 in stock
Give yourself a quiet moment with this beautiful notebook perfect for writing, taking notes, journaling, making lists and much much more! This flexi-bound notebook has 176 sheets of ruled white paper, colour printed on the side edges with an elastic closure. Dimensions: 22cm × 15.4cm × 1.3cm
The Gifted Stationery Co - Gift Pen Set - Flourish The Gifted Stationery Co - Gift Pen Set - Flourish
2 in stock
These elegant floral pens are ideal for effortlessly jotting down notes. Practical and stylish, this two pen & box gift set is perfect as a present for the avid note-taker – or a treat for yourself! These pens write in black ink and can take standard refills. Design: Flourish Dimensions: 17.5cm × 6cm × 2.6cm
The Gifted Stationery Co - Notecard Wallet - Bee Wild The Gifted Stationery Co - Notecard Wallet - Bee Wild
1 in stock
Always have the perfect greeting card at the ready with this notecard wallet set containing 12 notecards featuring 4 different stunning designs. Each notecard is blank inside and accompanied by a white envelope. Design: Bee Wild Card size 12.6 x 17.6cm. Dimensions: 18.8cm × 14.7cm × 1.8cm