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Winter Gloves, Handwarmers & Mittens

When the winter months come around, it's time to make sure you have enough cosy accessories to keep yourself warm. This collection of winter gloves, handwarmers and mittens will be there to keep you feeling toasty even in the most biting of cold snaps. At the same time, they also very much tick the style box too! Have a look through our collection of winter warmers and pick out a pair to add to your wardrobe.

Fair trade gloves and mittens

Many of the designs in this collection have been handmade by skilled artisans in the mountains of Nepal. These products have been made following all the requirements of the British Association for Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers. So, you know that you are getting some authentically crafted mittens and gloves, whilst you are also safe in the knowledge that these pieces of exquisite design are made and purchased through solid ethical rules.

Women's winter gloves, handwarmers and mittens

The great thing about this range is that it is not just all about keeping those hands warm. It is also about the eye-catching style that these pieces of design offer. These winter gloves and mittens are all expertly knitted, with each one showing what happens when highly skilled artisans hand craft something with real love and care. We particularly are fans of the colourful knitted patterns which give these warming accessories some cosy chic.

Glove handwarmers

If you want to keep warm but you don't want to wear the full gloves or mittens, there are also other options available to you in the form of handwarmers. These handy little accessories will keep the hands warm whilst they won't actually need to cover your fingers. This can be extremely beneficial if for example you need to quickly use your phone or get a card out of your pocket and don't want to have to fiddle about with taking off your gloves. These handwarmers are the solution. Plus, our bright and colourful range will also be able to give your winter look an added boost of cheerfulness and energy!

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