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Gifts for Eco Warriors

If you are looking to get a gift for someone who is passionate about all things green, then you might want to take a look through this range of environment-safe gifts. There are lots of choices to be made when you are buying presents for loved ones. It is not just to do with whether they will like the scent or the feel of this or that bath product. If you are buying for someone who rightly has deep feelings about the future of the environment, then you must also think about how the product has been made, and indeed how it is presented.

Eco-friendly luxury

This is where this handy little collection will come into play. We have brought together products here which in one way or another have been made in an eco-friendly way. This means that you will be able to tell the one who is receiving the gift that they don't need to feel guilty about enjoying it! These are gifts which will give your loved ones much joy and will not cost the earth in the process.

Relaxing, soothing and cleansing

Take a look through the range and you will see that these items are not only eco-friendly, but also of a supremely high quality in and of themselves too. You are not trading in any luxury here for the environmental benefits. Whether it is the soaps, the shower gel, the body lotion, the face cleansing bar, or the bath salts, the quality of these bath products is of an extremely high level. These will offer a soothing, cleansing, relaxing and all in all pleasurable experience for whomever will be lucky enough to receive them.

Cruelty free, vegan, sustainable

The great thing too is that they have been made in a cruelty-free and sustainable way. This means that, for example, all of the products are vegan. More than that, some of the items which would have otherwise used palm oil have used more sustainable substitutes. All of the products even have either biodegradable or recycled plastic packaging, meaning that they are environment-safe inside and out!

Danielle - Eco Panda - Bamboo Hair Turban Danielle - Eco Panda - Bamboo Hair Turban save
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This ultra absorbent hair turban dries hair faster than regular towels and protects your hair from heat damage. The Eco Panda turban is made from bamboo fibres. The bamboo fabric is softer and stronger than cotton. Plus you'll be using less electricity, so you can be more eco-friendly while still looking fabulous! Range: Eco Panda Less Blow-drying! Made from a mix of bamboo fibres and cotton. Bamb…
Heyland & Whittle - Eco Candle in a Glass - Hibiscus & White Tea - 280g Heyland & Whittle - Eco Candle in a Glass - Hibiscus & White Tea - 280g
1 in stock
An eco-friendly, sustainable way to fragrance your home... This fragrant, hand poured and blended soy candle is made with a sustainable soy wax and an essential oil blend - for a clean, slow, even burn. The candle is housed in recycled glass and beautifully yet economically packaged in 100% recycled card which is itself 100% recyclable. The attractive candle vessel can be re-purposed again and aga…
Sting in the Tail - Eco Range - Detox Facial Cleasing Bar Sting in the Tail - Eco Range - Detox Facial Cleasing Bar save
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This detox facial cleasing bar from the Eco range by Sting in the tail restores balance to tired skin. Designed for use on face and body is absorbs toxins, containing activated charcoal, lime essential oil and rosemary. With eco packaging, this gift won't cost the earth. Made in UK SLS Free Paraben Free Cruelty Free Vegan Friendly Weight: 95g Based in the English Lakes District, Sting in the Tail…
Tilnar Art - H2O Collection - Brushed Aqua Copper Water Bottle - 750ml Tilnar Art - H2O Collection - Brushed Aqua Copper Water Bottle - 750ml
1 in stock
Help reduce Plastic Pollution with this beautiful brushed aqua copper water bottle from Tilnar Art. This Copper Water Bottle is not only sustainably sourced, but is recyclable and plastic free, and comes in a beautiful recycled paper gift box. Copper drinking vessels are believed to have a number of health benefits including helping to remove bacteria from drinking water, helping arthritis and man…