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Makedo Creative Cardboard Kits & Tools

Makedo have masterminded a fun and creative way to enjoy the world of craft whilst teaching our kids about what can be achieved through re-using materials. The idea came to the creators of Makedo when they were thinking about how time and time again kids all over the world have been more interested in the cardboard box than the toy that the box stores. These boxes have become castles and forts, dens, tools to help in hide and seek, armour, robot costumes and pretty much whatever else that the imagination can bring to life. Makedo has maximised what can be done with these cardboard boxes in an educational, creative and fun new way.

Reusable carboard craft tools

The clever team at Makedo realised that children have an innate sense that there is always fun to be had by reusing these carboard materials. They are the building blocks of creativity, and Makedo have transformed the possibilities of what can be achieved with these building blocks. The Makedo kits allow you to help your children learn how to craft everything from costumes to animals to toy cars and beyond, all with the cardboard packaging that would otherwise go right back into the recycling process. By reusing this material with the creative tools that Makedo provide, you are not only teaching your children the joys of creativity and skilled craft, but also the values in avoiding waste. Each Makedo set comes with tools such as safe saws, fold rollers, mini tools, scru and scru-drivers, and much more. These are all simple to use and allow you to teach your kids how to create something new out of reusable material.

Educational and fun

Makedo kits are comprised of these easy to use and safe crafting tools which can be used on carboard to cut out shapes, fold, and fasten together different components which will add up to a brand new creation. This is not just a clever idea, but it is also executed very well by the level of care which has gone into creating the tools. For this reason, Makedo are already a multiple award winning company, with their products being endorsed by the Global Educator Institute and winning prizes at the National Parenting Publications Awards. They have also been awarded best new green product at the Dr. Toy awards.

Revolutionary creative cardboard kits

They have had such success because this is one of those rare products that perfectly blends learning, fun, creativity and a genuinely important value system all in a seamless package which flows perfectly as an intuitive activity. So many children already have a natural inclination to reimagine what carboard boxes can be, so these products simply harness what is already so fun about these spare materials and enhance what can be crafted out of them. Makedo in this way have turned cardboard box craft into what so many children in times gone by would have wished was possible - but don't worry, you can have go with the tools too when you are helping to craft with your kids!

Makedo Kit - Discover Set Makedo Kit - Discover Set
Out of stock
This is the ultimate cardboard construction kit! Be it family or friends, young or old, solo, duo or more.. this toolbox contains all the age suitable tools needed to collaborate and make just about anything from up-cycled cardboard. Imagine costumes, vehicles, forts and creatures! An immersive, hack-able world of your own making is at your fingertips. This toolbox has every tool in the Makedo ars…
Makedo Kit - Explore Set Makedo Kit - Explore Set
Out of stock
Get creative with cardboard! Does your kid love cardboard boxes? Gift them this starter toolbox of Makedo to take that love of making and play to the next level. This is pure, creative fun for girls and boys! Simple and safe, cardboard construction has never been this easy. Anything is possible from a gnome to a knight, from dino costume to a fairy castle! Find some cardboard and get started! Ages…
Makedo Kit - Starter Set Makedo Kit - Starter Set
3 in stock
Try Makedo for the first time with this basic starter pack or use it to top-up your existing Makedo. With the included MINI-TOOL, it is ready to use out of the box so you will be constructing with cardboard in no time. Find some cardboard and get started! Ages: 4 yrs+ Number of Pieces: 36 Makedo is designed to meet and exceed international safety requirements for toys. This Starter Set contains: 2…
Makedo Tool - Fold-Roller Makedo Tool - Fold-Roller
1 in stock
Shaping cardboard has never been so easy! The FOLD-ROLLER enables precise, controlled manipulation of cardboard. From simple linear folds to complex organic contours, discover your inner artist with this advanced cardboard construction tool. How to use the FOLD-ROLLER: With firm pressure, glide the toothed wheel across the cardboard surface... then simply fold along the dashed line that you have c…
Makedo Tool - Safe-Saw Makedo Tool - Safe-Saw
5 in stock
Steel blade with no sharp edges to swiftly saw cardboard, not fingers! Best of all, the cut edge of the cardboard is softened to eliminate cardboard paper cuts. How to use the SAFE-SAW: Reverse the tool to punch holes as a cutting guide-line if you need. The graded serrations allow you to easily saw any thickness of cardboard with a forward and backwards motion. Ages: 5 yrs+ Contains: 1 x Safe-Saw…
Makedo Tool - Scru-Driver Makedo Tool - Scru-Driver
4 in stock
Connect cardboard as simply as righty tighty, lefty loosey! How to use the SCRU-DRIVER: Simply punch a hole through the material, insert the SCRU or SCRU+ into the socket on the end of the SCRU-DRIVER, and then with a few quick turns the cardboard will be securely joined. Ages: 4 yrs+ Contains: 1 x Scru-Driver Makedo is designed to meet and exceed international safety requirements for toys. Makedo…