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Gisela Graham Christmas Ornaments

Gisela Graham' Christmas decorations are always worth exploring, whether you are looking for a whole new set or just a few extra pieces here and there to add to your collection. They are finely crafted and are bursting with all the colours of the festive period. Gisela Graham's traditional style ornaments bring a real warmth which would spread through whichever room you place them in. Take a look through the collection and you will be able to give your festive decor an extra boost!

Gisel Graham wooden ornaments

The wooden ornaments in this collection have a particularly pleasing traditional feel. With everything from music carousels to nativity scenes, these beautifully crafted wooden ornaments will add a lovely focal point to a windowsill, side table, mantelpiece, and many other places in the home.

Gisela Graham snow globes

Snow globes have been around since the early to mid 1900s, and today they stand as one of iconic symbols of the winter period. Calling to mind all things Christmas, the snow globe is an ornament that we couldn't do without when we are getting our homes looking festive. With the snow falling down onto the scene, those miniature worlds contain a little something of the magic of Christmas. They are especially magical for the little ones. Turn them over and watch the scene come alive with your kids!

Gisela Graham resin and Nordic style Christmas ornaments

The Nordic Christmas style is one which we always have time for. It brings with it a gorgeously warm and organic feeling thanks to the use of soft fabrics and wood. There is also an enchanting fairy tale aesthetic to many of the Nordic Christmas ornaments which we love. It has the essence of the Christmas we know and love, but also seems to point back to the older pagan routes of many of the modern Christmas traditions. As well as the stylish Nordic decorations, we also have plenty Gisela Graham resin ornaments. These are well constructed mini statues in effect, and they depict everything from Father Christmas to the Christmas tree to cute sitting teddies.

Gisela Graham - Gingerbread House Musical Dome Snowglobe Gisela Graham - Gingerbread House Musical Dome Snowglobe
2 in stock
Inside this enchanting snow globe you will find gingerbread house and gingerbread people. The base is decorated with red and white candy stripes, white icing and colourful sweeties! Turn the dial and listen to the festive music... then shake the dome and watch the snow fall on this sugar-sweet winter scene. Tune: Size: 15 x 10 x 10cm
Gisela Graham - Nordic Santa Red & White Fabric Shelf Sitter Ornament - Small Gisela Graham - Nordic Santa Red & White Fabric Shelf Sitter Ornament - Small
1 in stock
Scandi Christmas Fun! This Nordic Santa character from Gisela Graham features a long, white beard, round wooden nose and very tall, pointy hat in red and white stripes. Size: 40 x 8 x 8cm