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How to choose the perfect Christmas gift

Finding the perfect Christmas gift for all of your friends and family can be a major challenge. There’s nothing which compares to the joy you feel when someone special is beaming with happiness as they open their present. But how do you ensure that your gift is a memorable one without breaking the bank?

It is all too easy to overspend at Christmas! Grandiose gestures are all very well, but it is so often the less extravagant yet meaningful gifts which are treasured. The gifts which delight the recipient because they are that little bit different or perfectly suited to their taste. There’s an old saying that it is the thought that counts with presents and it really is!

By taking the time to consider the tastes and interests of your friends and relatives, you can choose an affordable yet unforgettable gift which also reflects the spirit of the season. The Not Run of The Mill collection would be an excellent place to start, even if we say so ourselves! Featuring a wonderful array of carefully curated pieces from skilled artisans, fair traders and sought after brands, our range will provide you with all the inspiration you need.

Budgeting for the festive season

The people you care about will also care about you and wouldn’t want you to spend more than you can comfortably afford. If you think that you might get carried away, set a budget both for your overall spend and each individual gift, then stick to it. Rather than being an annoying restriction, your budget will provide an interesting challenge and could help to focus your efforts, saving you time in the process.

Pick your moment

Trying to choose a raft of presents in a short space of time can be very stressful. Don’t place unnecessary pressure on yourself by attempting to do too much at once. Set aside the time you need to visit the shops or to explore what is available online and then you will be able to relax and enjoy the Christmas shopping experience

If you quickly see something that will thrill grandma or delight your dog, go for it! You could waste several hours trying to improve on your find, but you know that you will inevitably return to it. Ticking a few presents off your list early on in proceedings will enable you to devote more time to finding the gifts that you find the most difficult to choose.

How to choose the right present

Start by making a list of the people you need to buy for and think about their tastes and interests. If Aunt Jane has just discovered a passion for gardening and cousin Peter has recently grown a beard, make notes! Consider the gifts that you have given friends and family in the past and which ones created the reaction you are looking for. It never hurts to stick to a theme that has hit the spot before and recalling your previous gifts will prevent you from choosing the same things again.

Your gifts will deliver the greatest impact if they show that you have devoted agreat deal of thought to your choice. Mum may have coveted a designer dress that you can’t afford. However, she will be equally blown away that you have managed to find a scented candle featuring her favourite fragrance.

If you are keen to ensure that your gifts are unique, it can help to think laterally. When you have identified that your best mate has discovered a serious passion for jewellery, their other friends will know that too and could choose the same present. Instead of buying a pair of earrings or a necklace, go for a jewellery box or a book about jewellery instead.

Amazing gifts for men

Men are traditionally hard to buy for but they don’t have to be!

The extremely useful 6-in-1 Stanley Tooling Pen would be an excellent place to start. This ballpoint pen, spirit level, ruler, cross and flat head screwdriver plus touch screen stylus in one would delight any DIY enthusiast. Alternatively, the impressive Multi Tool Pliers are mini marvels with 5 fold-out functions.

For a touch of luxury, consider the Men’s Well Groomed Gift Set boasts a pleasing vintage look and sophisticated and masculine scent. Ensuring that your man is always suitably dapper, this fabulous set quite simply ticks every box and is sure to gratefully received.

Luxurious gifts for Lucky Ladies

Honouring festive traditions, the gorgeous Baubles & Belles Christmas Wishes Gift Set from Heathcote and Ivory features 12 travel-friendly hand care essentials for the 12 days of Christmas. For a charming touch, these are hidden behind 12 numbered doors. Scented with warm notes of spiced rum, pomegranate, red berries and orange zest, this gift set perfectly captures the essence of the season.

Christmas boasts a unique ambiance and it is the distinctive aromas of the festive season which help to create that special feel. The fabulous Frosted Snow Luxury Scented Candle delivers opulent cashmere musk and velvety rose notes, warmed by sweet vanilla. This candle captures the comfort of fireside evenings as snowflakes float past the window.

Ladies who revel in the spirit of the season will also love the unbelievably cute Cody Penguin Nightdress which is sure to raise a smile. Incredibly comfortable and undeniably adorable, this nightdress is bursting with festive cheer.

Beautiful gifts for Babies

Is there anything more wonderful than a baby’s first Christmas? Creating amazing memories which will last a lifetime, such a special occasion deserves to be graced by fabulous gifts. The Adorable Penguin Baby Booties would provide the perfect stocking fillers. Team these up with the Penguin Baby Leggings to create a gorgeous gift for your little one.

Continuing the appealing penguin theme, the Baby Penguin cuddly toy is sure to please little fingers while our Baby’s 1st Christmas Snow Globe will be treasured for many years to come.

Christmas treats for dog lovers

Please your pooch-loving friends at Christmas with the pawsome Dog Lovers’ Playing Cards which are packed with hand-drawn images and information. Serving up a welcome dose of doggy humour, the The Dog Rules Tea Towel puts pet owners firmly in their place but in the nicest possible way! But if you are searching for a touch of class, the Doggy Print bag is both stylish and practical.

Gifts to celebrate feline friends

We haven’t forgotten the feline furry friends that light up our lives. If there are cat lovers amongst your friends and family, you can treat them to unique and memorable gifts which honour their marvellous moggies. Great fun for the whole family, the Cat Lovers’ Playing Cards perfectly showcase the different breeds. Talking of marvellous moggies, the Marvellous Moggies mug is something which the lucky recipient can enjoy every day.

Pedal pushing presents for cyclists

Cycling enthusiasts in the family will love the beautifully presented Gentlemen’s Hardware Bicycle Multi Tool! Truly anything but run of the mill, it combines a ball-end hex key set, chain breaker tool, spanner set and socket tri-tool, plus other useful instruments. There’s nothing more soothing than the amazing Cyclists’ Muscle Rub would help any cyclist who sometimes feels the worse for wear after a ride. They will feel even more rejuvenated after enjoying their favourite tipple served in the stunning Cyclists’ Tumbler!

Special gifts for vegans

More and more people are choosing to enjoy a plant-based diet. There are now thought to be 3.5 million vegans in the UK but a life less meaty doesn’t have to be less cheesy. Enabling vegans to make 6 varieties of fresh and delicious dairy-free cheese, the Big Cheese Making Kit is an original and inspired gift choice for vegans.

Christmas with Not Run of the Mill

Always bringing you inspired gifts for your family and friends, the Not Run of the Mill range is bursting with incredible ideas. Ensuring that your gifts stand out from the crowd and leave lasting impressions, our stunning collection will solve all of your festive dilemmas. This year could be the best Christmas ever for anyone who knows you!


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