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Seedling Creative Kits

We have a wonderful range of seedling kits right here at Not Run of the Mill. With kits here for kids from 4 years old and above, this range of Seedling creative kits represents hours of fun. Seedling are a company who are always looking to develop fun and innovative ways of inspiring creativity. The world has changed so much over the last couple of decades, and even the last handful of years, that it is sometimes hard for parents to keep their kids interested with traditional toys and craft kits. This is just the problem that Seedling have set out to tackle. With their pioneering approach to play, they are able to offer products which unite modern, scalable technologies and classic materials.

A world of creativity

Take a look through the range, and you will be sure to find plenty of products which would set your children's creative visions alight. Seedlings do a great job of providing everything that kids would need to get going on a creative project, whilst also allowing them to take the lead on how the end product is going to look. These kits hit that absolute sweet spot, whereby they are lots of fun, whilst they also are great for developing children's creativity and focus. Since this is a key part of cognitive development - especially in terms of problem solving, lateral thinking, and attention span - these kits are just about the most fun kids can have whilst developing their minds!

Great gifts for kids

There are lots of wonderful options here for you to choose from. There are creative kits where kids can make their own dazzling masks. There are also magnificent glowing globe designs, as well as sparkling bunny ears, fashionista socks, pirate hats, and much else besides! These Seedlings creative kits take the best of all those traditional craft kits and ramp them up a few notches so that they are in tune with the present day. Seedling kits are excellent gift ideas for any children who always have fun expressing their creative side. They are even so exciting and engaging that we wouldn't be surprised if some parents also want to have a go with their own kits!

Seedling - DIY Virtual Reality Viewer Stitch Kit Seedling - DIY Virtual Reality Viewer Stitch Kit save
Online Offer 30% Off Seedling Creative Kits
1 in stock
Up your crafting game with the Stitch & Style Virtual Reality Viewer. Create a detailed design on the embroidery panels with colourful yarn, vibrant embroidery floss, then attach to your viewer with bold brass brads to make your headset truly unique. Slide your device into the slot on the front of your decorated virtual reality viewer, secure into place, and step inside your imagination. Maze by S…
Seedling - Make Your Own Butterfly Mask Seedling - Make Your Own Butterfly Mask save
Online Offer 30% Off Seedling Creative Kits
1 in stock
Get ready for the carnival with glitter, ribbons and create your very own butterfly mask! This kit includes everything you need! Box includes: Butterfly mask Craft glue Glitters Pens Ribbons Easy to Follow Instructions Ages: Recommended for 6 years+ Seedling imagines the future of play and brings it to life by uniting modern, scalable technologies and classic materials.