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Flower Fairies Dinner Sets - Melamine Tableware

The little ones always love the magic of fairies, so they will adore this collection of Flower Fairy products. Flower Fairies products all stem from the 1923 publication of Cicely Mary Barker's illustrated book. In this book, she combined botanically accurate drawings of flowers and plants with a sense of folkloric magic. From the very first, it captivated audiences in the way that it tapped into a sense of childlike fantasy and wonder. The legacy lives on not only in the books but also in such intricately crafted products as these.

Illustrated dinner sets

We are delighted to offer this collection of children's dinnerware and gifts which includes melamine bowls and plates, all decorated with adorable fairy and flower illustrations. The decorations are impressive in their precise detail. Beautiful lavender and roses can be seen in these illustrations along with the magical fairies themselves. If your children enjoy fantasy stories as well as pictures, then these decorated plates would make meal time extra exciting.

Melamine tableware for kids

These Flower Fairies dinner sets are made out of melamine, which is a highly versatile and effective hard plastic material. Because it is plastic rather than china, it is much safer for the little ones to use. It is not only light but also highly durable. This means that this tableware can withstand a few unfortunate slips off the table, as well as being safe to use in the dishwasher. All melamine tableware is absolutely safe to eat on, though it should not be put in the microwave or the oven.

Great gift for children

Choose from this great range of Flower Fairies Dinner Sets and you can even add a colouring pencil set into the mix. Kids will love the Flower Fairies design which adorn the colouring pencil tin. The pencils along with the dinner set we think will work as a thoughtful and adorable gift for young boys and girls with an interest in all things floral and magical.

Flower Fairies - Melamine Bowl - Rose Flower Fairies - Melamine Bowl - Rose save
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This pretty melamine bowl is from the Flower Fairies Collection. Little girls will love the adorable fairy and flower illustrations. Matching plate available. From Elite Gift Boxes. Design: Flower Fairies Rose Shape: Bowl. Size: 200 (d) x 40mm