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Well-being Jewellery

Stylish and fascinating, Carrie Elspeth Chakra jewellery looks simply gorgeous but is also designed to promote wellness in the wearer. As such, each piece represents a thoughtful and personal gift that will always be treasured. Beautifully presented, the jewellery is certainly guaranteed to raise a smile. Who knew that well-being jewellery could be this gorgeous!

If you are not familiar with the concept of Chakra, the term is derived from an ancient Sanskrit term meaning "wheel of energy". Chakras are focal points in the body which are connected to the spirit. Energy flows through the seven Chakras with each influencing a different aspect of the physical body, mind and soul. The Chakras are represented by colours, crystals and symbols. Wearing these enables you to unblock vital energy and fortify the Chakra.

Carrie Elspeth’s handmade chakra charm jewellery features the colours, symbols and crystals of the Chakras. The silver-plated charms are amongst the most popular pieces created by this award-winning designer and it isn’t difficult to see why. We are sure that you will adore the memorable bracelets and earrings.

About Carrie Elspeth

Stylish, affordable and often colourful, Carrie Elspeth jewellery offers plenty to please! Carrie has been creating wonderful hand-crafted pieces since 1999. She quickly became recognised as a talented designer and her distinctive jewellery is hugely popular with women of all ages.

Carrie is now supported by a talented team of skilled and artistic professionals but the jewellery continues to boast exceptional character and flair. Every piece in the collection is designed and then fashioned by hand in Wales. Carrie sources exciting and unique beads from across the world which she and her team transform into striking pieces that are all eminently wearable.

Carrie Elspeth - Chakra Charm Earrings - Third Eye Carrie Elspeth - Chakra Charm Earrings - Third Eye
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Carrie Elspeth Chakra range is designed to not only look good, but to inspire, promote and elevate the wellness and "balance" of the wearer. These striking earrings on sterling silver earring hooks are made with Greek silver plated Chakra charms and a semi-precious gem. Chakra (derived from the ancient Sanskrit word meaning “Wheel of energy”) focuses on 7 parts of the physical body and their conne…